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What to Feed Swans - For Swan Owners, Here is How to Feed Them Right



what to feed swansMost of us are glad to see swans floating in public ponds, or even in our own lots. But to think it really well, it is not advisable to expose them on too much people. This will cause them into depending on passers-by to feed them more food as they desire. Not all people know what to feed swans, therefore, swan raisers that expose their swans to people should know the risk their swans might get.

So, what to feed swans? In effect to season changes and diet variations, swans need to take aquatic food in times of summer. This also means that they spend most of their time on water, which is why, while they are swimming underwater, they need to find food to eat. Food such as algae, underwater plants and the like are much pleasing to their diet. On some seasons, they ought to eat insects, cultivated grains and green plants.

While thinking of what to feed swans, you should also keep in mind the foods that are not allowed for them.

The following are examples:
1. Cooked and processed foods
2. Any food that is not advisable for us (like sugary, fatty, starchy and junk foods)
3. Breads and pastries - this will cause a lot of stomach complications and other health problems.

You should also note that any food that is served for them should be enough to fit in their beaks. As long as it is possible, feed them foods that are natural for their diet. Aside from learning more on what to feed swans, you should also familiarize yourself with the steps on how to feed them the proper way. Knowing the best techniques of handling foods for swans is also the best way of providing them the right caring and treatment.

Also, whatever you do with your animals, it is always proper to just enjoy watching them from afar. It pays to not get too much of their attention to see the natural way they act on things.

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