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7 Amazing Swan Facts That You Must Know Before You Start to Raise Swans



swan factsHave you ever seen a swan? Swans are pictures of elegance as these birds are featured on fairytales and amusement parks. With its graceful stature, anyone can fall in love in their pure white feather and classic neck curvature. For these reasons, they are commonly displayed on ponds of public parks as well as on man-made bodies of water. Upon seeing them, many people became attracted in raising them for their own intentions and purposes. But before rearing swans, it is advisable to first know some interesting swan facts which are as follows:

1. Swans have their permanent partner for life. They are monogamous which means that they only mate with the same swan for the rest of their life. However, divorce may happen where two break off their bondage and mate with others.

2. Mute swans are the only specie that most people are familiar of. This is the typical appearance described in most books especially in fairytales.

3. A male is called a cob. An adult male is the only bird that has a penis.

4. Amazing swan facts about a cob make them distinguishable from other birds. A cob or a male adult acts responsibly for his cygnets and for his partner. He protects his family by making a blow using his knucklebone.

5. A female is called a pen. They have the same appearance as the cobs and the only trait that distinguishes them from male swans is their size; female swans are relatively smaller than male.

6. Swans can live up to 20 years, but their average lifespan nowadays is only around 7 years. The reason behind this is because of the poor quality of food and water given to them, and it is one of the sad swan facts around.

7. Swans feed on vegetation, particularly on aquatic plants. Sometimes, they also eat insects and small aquatic animals.

With the mentioned amazing swan facts, you now have basic knowledge about swans! They are lovely creatures and in plans of rearing them, you must be knowledgeable in terms of the important information about them. Educate yourself about the informative swan facts around especially about how they live and how they are raised. After all, these facts will be beneficial for you, so you can successfully rear swans and enjoy their magnificent elegance and beauty.

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